Summer Chaos

HELLLO SUMMER. Summer, a season we crave when it’s not here. A beautiful time full of chaos, parties, inconsistency, and fun. A time that can cause routine to be thrown out the window. A time that's spent being too busy having fun. A time that can leave you forgetting about self-care, reflection, goal setting, etc. … Continue reading Summer Chaos


Hi everyone! Now I owe you a real post. My drafts were uploaded and sent to your inbox. Woops! I am currently working on a post that I think you all will enjoy. You can expect it by Sunday! Thanks for your patience. As a token of appreciation, see below for cute pup pictures. Xo, … Continue reading Woops

Just Because

Support Your Fellow Human. Support Your Community. Support Your Girlfriends. Support Your Family. Spread love. Spread kindness. Say kind words. Pick up the phone and call your friend. Commit to random acts of kindness. Smile at a stranger. Say hello. Be present. Support small business. Let someone know you appreciate their work. Thank an artist. … Continue reading Just Because